2008 Honda Goldwing Airbag

This bike was purchased new from a dealer in March 2011 and was a leftover 2008 bike. I purchased it from Don and Ray's Powersports in Milwaulkee Wisconsin.  Honda was having a promotion in March, so I got $1000 worth of accessories and the 7 year warranty for no extra cost.

The following will be a running log  related to the bike. (small images are thumbnails, click for larger image)



I ordered the following options:
Honda 7 year Warranty
Chrome trunk rack, 08L42-MCA-100
Trunk Net, 08L63-MCA-100
Deluxe Saddlebag / Trunk Liner Set, 08L56-MCA-101
Trunk Lid Organizer, 08L63-MCA-100B
Saddlebag Lid Organizer, 08L63-MCA-100A
Trunk Inner Light, 08E75-MCA-100H
Trunk Inner Light Harness, 08E75-MCA-100K
Accessory Socket Set, 08U55-MCA-101
 LED Foglight Kit - Airbag Model, 08V31-MCA-100E

States visited to date, 2013 (all bikes)

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Picking up the Bike

I flew out on a Friday in early April and drove it 1000 miles back home. I left mid afternoon Friday and rode to South Bend. Saturday I rode to Warren PA. Sunday I took my time through the mountains of northwestern PA. 

Mounting EZ-pass Transponder

I mounted the EZ-Pass transponder under the front faring.  This keeps it out of sight and avoids the need for an after market mount. There is a small gap between the front fairing cover and the windshield where the tag can be placed.  I attached it using the standard windshield adhesive/velcro strips. The arrow indicates the location.


First pull back the rubber around the mirrors and push the mirrors forward to gain access to the bolts holding the cover on.  Remove them with a 10 mm wrench along with the washer and the rubber grommet. Clean the inside of the cover and attach the strips.  The transponder was placed 1.5 inches from the lower edge and from the edge of the vent.

pic  pic  pic

Reassemble and you are ready to go.

Goldwing Bike Covers

I ordered a Primoshield half cover from Kuriakin.  It is sturdy and well made but I was very disappointed by the bulk. My primary criteria is minimum packing size. I do not care how sturdy it is.  If I have to replace it each year that is fine, just so long as it is small. This thing is twice the size of the Dowco Ulralight Plus I used for my BMW RT.

For now I am using the full size Dowco as a half cover.  I just found out that Dowco makes a half cover for the Goldwing and have ordered it.  It is not Ripstop nylon so we will see how small it really is.  I wish vendors would publish the weight and packing size of these things.

Update:  The Dowco Guardian Half cover is the one to go with. Works Fine. $35

Centech Fuse panel

The Goldwing has only a single switched circuit available in the fuse panel and no un-switched circuits. This is an obvious design failure on an otherwise well designed bike.  In spite of the size of the bike, there is very little room to ad a fuse panel in an easily accessible location. I was able to fit the centec AP-2 to the left of the standard panel, but it is a very tight fit. 

I used the Centech CG-Harness-AP2 relay wiring kit with the fuse block/  This allows 3 switched circuits and two that are always hot. 

I fabricated a mounting bracket out of two pieces of 18 gauge steel. The first was a curved piece that goes around the frame member and is attached using a standard hose clamp.  A hole was cut through the center of the bracket to pass the clamp through.  The second was a rectangular flat plate for mounting the fuse panel.  They were riveted together and I coated them with Dip-It rubber coating, in order to avoid any rough edges damaging the nearby wiring harness.  

Rubber coated bracket,              Hose clamp attached
pic   pic

Panel mounted on bracket

Mounted on bike, cork pad to protect wires

Routing or relay and retaining straps