House addition

The general plan is to replace the second floor and unfinished attic with a modern second and third floor. The number of bedrooms will remain the same but they will be larger and have walk-in closets in place of the small 1930's style corner closets. There will also be a full bath on the second and third floor. The laundry facilities will be moved from the basement to a second floor laundry room.

Demolition started May 31 2005. Construction completed November.

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Most recent items are at the top.  
Landscaping construction completed (thanksgiving 2006)

Construction completed:(Thanksgiving 2005)

We still have to finish the interior items such as some painting, window treatments, some new furniture, etc., but the actual construction is done and we have moved back in and are sleeping on real beds again.

The bathrooms are now complete with the glass shower partitions installed.


We primed the walls in the house and then focused on painting the bedrooms, in preparation for installation of carpets.

Sept 30

The oak floors were varnished this week (Sep 22). This is the only time we had to move out of the house and stay in a hotel.

The second is a shot of the new french doors with the siding added. Still waiting for the lights.

Sept 15

Plumbing work work in progress. We have a functional shower and tub on the second floor (no more going to the YMCA). We are still waiting for installation of the sink plumbing and the shower/tub glass.


July 18

The new French doors are installed out to the back deck. The siding contractor can now finish the exterior.

The oak was delivered for the hallway floors.

The sheet rock is installed and the second coat of finish plaster is on.


July 6:

Kitchen Window installed

Framing inspection passed

June 29

Most of the siding was installed. The remainder is waiting for the kitchen garden window and the french doors to the rear deck to be delivered and installed.

Installed new front and rear doors and the roof over the front door was restored to its original curved design.

Week of June 27 - Passes plumbing, sheathing and electrical rough-in inspections


Saturday June 25

We decided to also replace the first floor windows to match the addition. The existing windows , although in reasonably good shape, are 70 years old.

The new windows required some new framing since the headers over the old windows did not meet current codes, in particular the three windows unit in the sun room. The original was a single unit.


Week of June 20

The rough plumbing was started and completed this week. They leak tested the system over the weekend.

The rough wiring was started and the second floor is complete

The air conditioning ducts were installed


June 11 -

Plywood complete, roof on and deck put back together, most windows in on the second and third floor


June 6

Framing at the end of 5 working days

The full bath is gone, probably for at least a month. We joined the YMCA down the street for the duration.

First picture is the master bedroom looking towards the walk-in closet. Above is the small cathedral ceiling area where there are two skylights.

Second picture-The beams you can see are the main supports that replace the previous second floor outside walls

Forth picture is the attic looking towards the garage side.


OOPS - The attic floor was framed with 2x8's. Should have been 2x10's so they had to pull it all out and start over. Fortunately they had only done the joists and not the sheathing.
End of day 3 with the main support beams and most of the attic floor in place.
End of day, 2 showing some of the additional floor area added to the second floor. The second shot is from the top of the attic staircase showing what is left of the third floor
This is at lunch on day 2. Most of the demolition is done and they have started framing the floor for the second floor
These are the footings for the rear overhang. This work was done several weeks prior to the demolition.
After stopping work on day 1. First picture is looking out Colleen's window at what used to be the sun room roof.
Three pictures of the interior at the end of day 1. Removing plaster and the blown-in insulation.
This is the exterior at the end of the same day. All the roof surfaces were removed along with the outer siding on the second floor and some windows.
This is what the house looked like the morning of May 31