Lunar eclipse 27 Oct 2004


lunar composite 800 web
lunar composite 800 web.jpg
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Composite of 6 images taken 27 Oct 2004

2 Nikon D70, Raw mode, 70-300 mm lense at 300 mm, white balance auto



Each imaage was opened in Photoshop and the color temperature adjusted to give neutral white. Not all pictures were originally taken at 300 mm because in a few cases the zoom drifted back when pointed up. Thos images were adjusted to give
4 A new file was created and aseperate layer was added to hhold each image.
5 Each shot was pasted to its own layer and arranged to give the sequence shown
6 The large image is tha same as the top right except it was enlarged and the exposure adjusted to show more detail and the color as seen during the event.