Stereo System


The following is a description of the music components in the car.

Kenwood Receiver KRC-3006/2006/1006 - This has 15 x 4 watts into 4 ohms.  The receiver has a matching 10 CD changer that is located in the trunk.

The receiver is the older style with knobs for volume and tuning and the width had to be modified to fit the opening on the car.  The case was emptied and the case made wider to fit the tuner holes in the dash.

The front speakers are Polk component units.  Brackets were made to mount the tweeter facing the passengers.  The 6" base units were mounted under the dash facing the floor and the cross-over units were mounted under the dash. IMGP1491-800.JPG (58798 bytes)
The rear deck speakers are Pioneer TS-A6985, 6 x 9, 4 way speakers.  They can handle 260 w max.

When the sub was added, I placed two 199 ufd capacitors in parallel on the (+) leads of these speakers.  This is supposed to block anything below 100 hz.

Sub-Woofer  and Amp- During the restoration, the car was wired for addition of a base speaker in the trunk.  A 4-gauge power wire, a set of signal-out cables from the receiver and a 14 gauge power amp switching wire were run from the dash to the trunk, along the existing wiring harness routing. 

The sub is a 10 inch Audiobahn AW10T in a 0.75 ft3 enclosure.

The speaker is powered by a Bazooka ELA300.1 amp.  It puts out 200 watts. into 4 ohms

Main amp - Tantrum 400.4, 4 channel 4 x 50 watts @ 4 ohms