Body Off


Description of how I got the body off the frame.

Preparation to lift the body  
Remove fenders, doors, trunk lid, emergency brake, brake lines, trans linkage, etc., etc., etc....
Built support frame that is attached to the garage with strap hinges. The main structure is 4x4's with 3/4" ply corners. There are 3/8" stove bolts at the corners.  The corners also have 4x4 post fasteners 
Photo by J Pulli
The lifting mechanism - 4 ratchet hoists over the frame with tow straps slung under the car

Detail of frame corner

IMGP0242-400.JPG (47020 bytes)
Lift points - The initial lift was tried under the front cowl and under the rear wheel wells. The strap under the rear wheels cut through the quarter panels and trashed the wheel moldings.  Not a big problem in this case but I wanted to save the upper quarters.  The rear strap was moved to the reinforcement points in the trunk. 

Later when I wanted to  work under the body, I lifted it by placing one strap up front and the rear strap under the rocker panel just forward of the rear wheels.  This works best but the balance point is pretty far back and most of the weight is on the rear strap.

Car Dolly - I made a frame on wheels for rolling the body around to work.  It is made of 2 x 6 lumber, and 3" dolly wheels.  The front wheels steer and the rear are fixed.  I made it the width of the lip under the rocker panels +2-3".  This allows you to get at the rockers to fix any rust.
Yours truly, the day the body came off the frame (clearly  oblivious as to the extent of the work ahead) IMG37-400.JPG (54751 bytes) Photo by J Pulli