383 Motor, carb and ignition


The 327 finally died at about 250,000 miles. It was replaced with the following 383 motor.

I purchased a log block from Golen engine service that was reted at 400 HP at 5000 RPM and 460 lb/ft at 4000 RPM. It runs on 91+ octane fuel:

Operating Range:   1800 - 6000 rpm

Compression Ratio: 9.5:1

Block: Thermally cleaned and Stainless Steel Shot.  Inspected by MPI process.  Decked, bored, honed with torque-plates and pressure washed. Clevite cam bearings and pioneer brass freeze plugs installed.
4-bolt main caps.

Crank: Eagle Cast Steel (Internally Balanced)

Rods:  Scat 4340 Forged Steel I-Beam, Full Floating Pin.

Pistons: Keith Black Hypereutectic

Rings: Speed Pro Plasma-Moly

Bearings:  Clevite Main and Rod Bearings

Core Plugs:  Brass Pioneer core plugs

Lifters: Comp Cams Hydraulic

Pushrods:  Comp Cams

Valve Springs: Comp Cams

Rocker Arms: Comp Cams Magnum Roller Tip

Timing Set:  Cloyes True Roller

Timing Cover:  New factory

Oil Delivery:  Melling high volume pump, pickup tube and HD Drive

Oil Pan: New factory 6-quart

Harmonic Balancer: Pioneer Performance

Gasket Set:  Fel-Pro Performance

Head Bolts:  SBI Performance

Camshaft specs: Manufacturer: Comp Cams

Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet

Operating Range: 1800-6000 RPM

Idle Quality: Good

Intake: 230 @ .050
Exhaust: 236 @ .050

Intake: .490
Exhaust: .490

Lobe Separation: 110



Type: GM factory cast iron, three angle performance valve job, bowl ported, valves back cut, new guides

Combustion Chamber: 70cc

Intake Runner: 160 cc

Intake Valves: SBI steel 1.94

Exhaust Valves: SBI Steel 1.50

Carburetor - Holley 0-4776C, MDL 4150 600 CFM D/P-chromate  

MSD6AL ignition - This was added for several reasons.  The multi-spark ignition feature should help the car perform better.  The rev limiter will help avoid potential problems during hard acceleration, particularly if I do manual shifts.

Coil - MSD Blaster 2 cloil, part number 8202


Distributor - Mallory Billet Competition distributor - Series number 84. DIST, CHEV V8 MP 208M CAP, part # 3248201

The distributor curve was set up by Bruces speed shop. The initial timing is 18 degrees

This distributor cannot be used with just a coil. It requires the use of a capacitive discharge ignition system.

This must be used with suppression type wires (carbon core, suppression core, spiral core, etc.)