Paint Used and Sequence


The following is the general procedure to go from rough body work to paint. Deatails and pictures are shown on the following pages
Body prep and priming 

Step Materials Description
Strip paint Sandpaper
Kleen-Strip chemical stripper
Different approaches were used for different parts as needed.
Prime PPG DPLF40 (grey epoxy) After stripping to bare metal the parts were painted with epoxy as a first step.  
Seam Sealer 3M UltraPro urethane

SureMmix 9000

Single part sealer used for most body seams

Self leveling sealer used for rain gutters and door and trunk seams.

Body filler Evercoat Gold Before applying filler, sand the primer with at least an 80 grit scratch for adhesion.  After getting the bodywork as close a possible, body filler was applied and sanded to shape using a variety of sanding blocks.  Most shaping was done with 40 to 100 grit paper
Finish filler Evercoat glazing putty  It is important to use a catalyzed putty to seal the filler.  This was sanded with 100 then 180 grit paper to get the surface as Straight (smooth) as possible
High build primer PPG K36 catalyzed primer 2 coats.  Block sand with 180 to get flat. 
Finish filler to fix small imperfections Evercoat glazing putty  If any low spots are found, sand low points with 80 grit and fill with finishing putty. sand to 180 grit dry
High build primer PPG K36 catalyzed primer 2 coats.  Block sand with 320 then 500 dry or 600 wet
Paint floor or car Zero Rust  
Paint dash and rear window ledge Spray Max Satin Black trim paint Sand and clean dash
Base/clear R-M Diamont base,

 R-M Diamont DC92 clear

Color LeMans Polly (metallic), dilute 75% with DU50 reducer, 5% DH46 normal hardener

Dilute 3 parts clear, 1 part DH42 rapid hardener, 20% DR 60 reducer

Rally Wheels   1969 Argent Silver. PPG # 8568. 
Paint cowl door jams, window channels, trunk lip     
Assemble body of car    
Paint body of car    
Color sand and polish 3M 1500 Finishing film Wait at least 1 day, start with 1500, depending on smoothness of finish

The following are the colors for 1969 Chevrolet cars