With the original 327 motor, I had a 100 HP nitrous system after the restoration was completed. Once the 327 was replaced with the 383, I did not add the nitrous back.

An Edelbrock Performer nitrous system (PN 70001) was added to the car. I wanted to add it in such a way that removing it would leave minimal evidence (no holes exposed to weather). 

The tank was located in the trunk as far foreword and to the right as possible.  There had to be enough space to slide the tank out the front of the retaining rings. IMGP1642-800.jpg (114469 bytes)
Instead of drilling holes in the floor of the trunk (over the gas tank), I made a secondary bracket.  It is the black piece shown in the picture. This is bolted to the trunk brace shown and screwed to the trunk floor extension, which is still inside the trunk. IMGP1643b-800.jpg (103915 bytes)
The gas line was put through the existing vent grommet by drilling a third hole in the rubber.

The line was then run along the existing gas lint to the engine and was attached using nylon cable ties.  

IMGP1643c-800.jpg (73166 bytes)
A 2 ft extension line was needed to reach the carburetor.  The plumbing was then arranged as described in the Edelbrock manual. IMGP1645-800.jpg (139028 bytes)
The arming switch was located under the dash in a metal box that I welded up out of 16 gauge metal. A rubber grommet was used to protect the wires exiting the box. IMGP1649-800.jpg (91366 bytes)
MSD6AL ignition - This was added for several reasons.  The multi-spark ignition feature should help the car perform better.  The rev limiter will help avoid potential problems during hard acceleration, particularly if I do manual shifts. IMGP1847-800.JPG (121587 bytes)